Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Many business owners would agree: workers' compensation insurance is simply part of the cost of doing business. While it is a mandatory coverage in most states, it is also a responsible business decision. After all, workers' compensation insurance protects both your employees and your company.

Who Needs Workers Compensation Insurance?

The simplest answer is every business that has employees needs workers' compensation insurance because it is required in nearly every state. This type of coverage is designed to financially help employees if they are injured on the job and to protect businesses against any resulting lawsuits.

What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers' compensation insurance typically covers injuries and, in some cases, illnesses that are a result of duties performed on the job. For example, workers' compensation insurance would cover your employee’s back injury that was a result of heavy lifting in the warehouse, but not if it was a result of a weekend football game with friends.

Regardless of who is at-fault for the workplace injury, a worker's compensation policy would cover the employee’s medical bills, including rehabilitation, without out-of-pocket costs and provide the employee with a portion of his or her lost wages. It may also provide coverage for permanent or temporary disability and death benefits.

Many workers' compensation policies also protect the company against lawsuits that could be filed by injured employees or their family.

BearStar Insurance's Comprehensive Approach

At Clemente Insurance, we provide more than a workers' compensation insurance policy. Our goal is to deliver the correct benefits quickly and efficiently at a fair cost. We work to establish a partnership among the four participants - the injured employee, the employer, the medical provider, and insurance company.

Our California-licensed insurance agents value a personal relationship with you by using this approach:

  • Preferred Provider Organization
  • Utilization Management
  • Early Return-to-Work Programs
  • Bill Review
  • Loss Control Services
  • Fraud Control
  • Classification Review
  • Premium Audit Service
  • Claims specialists
  • Same-Day Three-Point Contact

While most states have mandatory requirements for workers' compensation insurance, each business has unique needs for their policy and the administration of a claim. The professionals at Bearstar Insurance Services will work with you to understand your business and ensure that you have the proper business insurance coverage, including workers' compensation insurance. Email BearStar Insurance or call us directly at 949-979-5251 to get your quote today.

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