The BearStar Difference

At BearStar Insurance, we believe that all insurance is personal - the policies that business owners put into place can have a deep impact on them, their employees, and even their customers.

That’s why BearStar Insurance is a people-focused business. We still prefer a phone call over an online form. We take the time to talk to each and every one of our clients, learning about their unique business needs, and partnering with them to develop plans that work for them. And if our clients ever need to file a claim, we’ll be right there with them, shoulder-to-shoulder to guide them through the process.

Our Team

Gino Clemente, LUTCF

Gino established BearStar Insurance in 2004 after finding meaning in assisting people with their business and personal insurance needs. As the Founder and Agency Director, his expert knowledge of the insurance world sets him far apart from the competition. Furthermore, his dedication to building genuine relationships with his clients continues to reward his practice. 

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x101

Kevin Conn – Managing Partner

For over 20 years, Kevin has been working with his clients to assist them with their commercial insurance needs. For the last 10 years, Kevin has been a managing partner for BearStar Insurance. Kevin goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients have the right coverage and the best possible rates for their insurance. Kevin brings a level of service to his clients that is rarely seen in the insurance industry.

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x102

Patricia (Pat) Thompson – Commercial Account Executive

Pat comes to BearStar Insurance with over 35 years of insurance experience. Her knowledge of the marketplace and her in-depth underwriting knowledge of the major carriers make her an invaluable asset when it comes to placement for our clients.

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x103

Steven London - Associated Partner

With many years of management experience in the restaurant industry, Steven has been active in the insurance industry for the last 2 years. He works hard for his clients to make sure they have the right coverage at the best rates available.

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x105

Brendan Maun - Associated Partner

A successful mortgage banker and Capital Private Money Fund Director, Brendan has expanded his practice to include Property & Casualty Insurance assisting many of his clients with their personal insurance and commercial insurance needs.

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x104

Marc Janich – Associated Partner

Marc has accumulated extensive experience within the personal lines insurance sector, where he has diligently assisted numerous families in obtaining essential coverage for their automotive, residential, and life insurance requirements, irrespective of financial constraints. Fascinated by the intricacies of commercial lines, Marc has developed a genuine passion for the pet care industry, focusing specifically on non-profit organizations, animal welfare, and humane societies.

Phone: 888 -601-0088 x107

Chris Martin – Trade Credit Insurance Division Manager

Chris Martin is a veteran in trade credit insurance. His experience working with business owners makes him a natural fit for BearStar Insurance. Chris heads up our Trade Credit Insurance division, assisting clients with their other lines of commercial and business insurances and helping them protect their receivables from bankruptcy and non-payment. Chris’s knowledge of the product and the carriers in the marketplace sets him apart from the competition.

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