What Insurance Does an Irvine Software Company Need?

Business owners reviewing Irvine software company insurance.As a tech company that creates software in Irvine, you’re probably wondering, what insurance does an Irvine software company need? As your local commercial business insurance experts, located in the “City of Innovation,” BearStar Insurance Services leverages decades of experience in the industry, helping business owners like yourself understand what policies are best for your individual commercial business.

We understand you have questions about the different types of insurance we offer in regard to your commercial Irvine business. Learn more about must-have commercial policies with BearStar Insurance. We provide innovative insurance solutions for a modern business like yours.

Why Does My Software Company Need Business Owners Insurance?

For an Irvine software company, a business owner’s policy (BOP), which is also known as business owners insurance, is a type of insurance that combines coverage for both your company’s business property and general liability.

Typical additions to your BOP often include employment practices liability (EPLI), cyber liability, and commercial auto insurance coverage.

What Does a Business Owner’s Policy Cover?

General Liability Insurance Coverage for Your Business

It’s critical to have general liability insurance because it protects all the sweat equity you’ve put into building and running your business. Without this crucial coverage, your business could easily be in jeopardy; even worse, you could lose your business should just a single accident occur, such as a customer falling and getting injured while at your location. General liability protects your premises, products, contractual, and personal and advertising injury, as well as other liabilities.

Because we live in a litigious society, it’s critical to get a business owners policy. You’ve worked hard and have put in everything to build your Irvine software company. At BearStar Insurance Services, we work hard to make sure you receive the exact coverage you need.

BOP Customized Business Property Insurance Coverage

Sometimes you don’t want to think about what could happen if your business was broken into and vandalized in the middle of the night. No one wants to imagine the worst. But unless you’re prepared, you might be faced with paying the consequence out of your own pocket should a crime occur.

Your property insurance may cover the building itself, but what about everything else? Consider what’s inside your commercial business: your computers, expensive tech equipment, artwork, business furnishings. and any other valuables. Are those protected, or would you have to cover the costs out of pocket?

With customized business property insurance from BearStar, we’ll meet all your needs as a business owner. In addition to covering your commercial building, we’ll also cover the business contents inside like business property, tools, and equipment that you need for daily operations. It also covers business continuation; as an Irvine business owner, you won’t have to pay for any costly interruptions to your business or face any financial losses. At BearStar, we have you covered, by providing your Irvine software company with funds to replace the essential business assets that were stolen or damaged. BearStar Insurance services makes sure your business moves forward and runs smoothly.

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Located conveniently in Irvine, at BearStar Insurance Services, our products and services cater to the needs of an Irvine software company like yours and insuring commercial businesses throughout the Orange County area, including a business owner’s policy, options for employment practices liability insurance, cyber-liability insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance.

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