Employee benefits are a form of compensation over and above regular salary or wages, and they come in many forms. Benefits are a significant part of an overall compensation package, and it can be difficult to find affordable options. 

Luckily, our portfolio of products is full of cost-effective options for money-savvy employers. Take a look at our options below to see how BearStar can support your employee benefits package.

Health, Dental, & Vision Group Plans

Offering employee benefits can help you attract top talent, can reduce turnover, and ultimately leads to a healthier workforce. 

We have a service-specific team to assist with customizing an employee benefits package that meets your unique needs, whether you’re looking to start a benefits plan or would just like to compare our options to your current package. BearStar also caters to 401(k) retirement plan management and HR safety programs.

401(k) Retirement Plans

As the employer, it’s up to you to run your 401(k) retirement plan in accordance with the law, certain rules and regulations, and the plan’s provisions. These responsibilities require you to decide on:

  • Who is eligible for the plan
  • How much and when they can contribute
  • How much the employer will contribute to the plan
  • What investment options you will have
  • How often you can reallocate your investment assets
  • Which vendors are necessary for the plan
  • What features the plan will have

Our partners have some of the most affordable options on the market. Furthermore, there are tax advantages for businesses that implement a 401(k) plan to incentivize maintaining a healthy workforce.


Human Resource & Safety Programs

Our loyal clientele enjoys access to a dedicated HR specialist who can help with managing employee relations, address day-to-day workplace incidents, and other concerns such as:

  • Termination, discipline, and hiring
  • Responding to incidents of wrongdoing
  • Threats of litigation
  • Crisis and Risk Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Litigation avoidance

With our HR and Safety Programs, you’ll gain access to exclusive services on our client-only website including Access Injury and Illness prevention program templates, Employee Handbook templates, and more.

BearStar Insurance:

Benefits & Safety Programs That Won’t Break the Bank


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